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The CFO Classics Library is the official message archive of the Camps Farthest Out.

Real answers for spiritual growth.

When Glenn Clark founded the Camps Farthest Out, it was to give Christians a place to go where they could learn how to be, as he put it, “Athletes of the Spirit”. Then they could take that experience and live it out in their everyday lives. This included teachings and workshops on how to pray, how to listen to The Holy Spirit, healing, and how to become a victorious disciple of Jesus Christ.

Maybe you are hungry for a deeper walk with God. Maybe you’ve been to a CFO camp and want to keep those things you’ve learned fresh and alive…or maybe you’ve never even heard of the Camps Farthest Out, but just want to grow in your walk with Jesus. Let the messages on this site be a blessing to you.

On this site you’ll find teaching by such classic CFO speakers such as Glenn ClarkAgnes SanfordTommy TysonRoland BrownMarcia BrownFrank LaubachStarr DailyEarl Tyson, and many, many more….all at no cost.

It is our prayer and desire that you would take these messages and share what you learn with others so that you, and they can become all that God desires you to be.

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Bible Truths You Can Use Everyday

One thing that Glenn Clark understood very well was that the Bible was of no use to anyone if it’s teachings were relegated to the church building and never made it into our every day lives. To become “Athletes of the Spirit”, we need to both learn the truths from the Word of God and practice those truths we’ve learned in our daily existence.

If you’ve been struggling in an area of your life, let the messages from The CFO Classics Library help you learn and grow in the knowledge of God’s word, and help you see how you can apply the Bible to your own situations. Simply click on one of the subjects below or click here to browse our entire library.

It is our prayer and desire that you would take these messages and share what you learn with others so that you, and they can become all that God desires you to be.

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