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Find answers to common questions about The CFO Classics Library.

Frequently Asked Questions About The CFO Classics Library

Yes. In 1998 at a meeting of the Advisory Council Ring of CFO North America we were named the official message archive of the Camps Farthest Out and are linked to from their website in their resources for attendees as well as on their affiliated organizations page.

We have received donations of messages from many CFO speakers and attendees including original wire recordings from the founder of the Camps Farthest Out, Glenn Clark given to us by Marcia Brown.

If you have messages you would like to donate to the library, please submit a form on our contact us page.


The CFO Classics Library is a part of Shepherd Ministries, Inc. founded by Matt & Helen Leach in December of 1981 and operates as a separate organization.

While we are the official message archive of the Camps Farthest Out, we do not receive regular support from them and are a separate 501c3 non-profit organization.

We encourage everyone to get involved with the Camps Farthest Out directly by attending a camp near you or by financially supporting CFO North America.


The CFO Classics Library is, was, and always will be free.

We encourage everyone to first get involved supporting the Camps Farthest Out directly, but if you are led to give, we do take financial donations to support the ongoing maintenance and hosting costs of the website here, but the messages on the library are available to all at no cost to the user.

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YES! You are free to download and share the messages.

Talks given at the Camps Farthest Out have blessed every one of us at Shepherd Ministries, Inc. We started the library out of a desire to freely share what we had learned with others, so our only request is that you share the library with others.

We do ask that rather than post these messages directly on other platforms, that you instead share links to these messages (whether from our social media or streaming channels or from the website itself) so that others know there is an entire library rather that just the message you share.

You can click on any of the links below to share the library with others:

In general, no. We only have permissions to share messages given at Camps Farthest Out camps in the library.

There are a few exceptions where we have special permission from the speaker themselves.

If you discover a message in the library that was NOT from a CFO camp that you believe should be removed please let us know by contacting us on our contact form.

See our copyright & disclaimer notice.

The CFO Classics Library is operated by Shepherd Ministries, Inc.

This ministry was founded in 1981 by Matt W. Leach & Helen Leach.

Their son, Michael is the chief archivist and website developer.

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