Meditation by Starr Daily

In this message in The CFO Classics Library, Starr Daily teaches how to deepen your walk with Christ through meditation.

This is a message by Starr Daily taken from the CFO Classics Library. This message will help you learn about how to apply the principles of meditation & communion with Jesus in your life.

Understanding Meditation

I had a hard struggle with the New Testament. I spent about a year in the Acts of the Apostles, just that and that alone trying to integrate into my consciousness what I thought was a workable system of Christian thought for me. And it didn’t seem to work out. Nothing seemed to gel. And then I took the epistles and lived in them for about a year, thinking maybe I could find my center there. I knew Who my center was but my I mean approaches to Christ. And I wound up leaving that out as a central thing. Then I spent a long while longer than that I guess, two or three years in the Gospels. And I finally wound up in the sermon on the mount. And I found there a satisfactory religion.

I have a long background of Methodist behind me. Justification by faith and all that. And those great doctrines in Methodism. But I think the Sermon on the mount, for my temperament, is the thing that I really want, that has given me the greatest degree of satisfaction.

Here in this sermon on the mount. I find two crystal clear things: directions and disciplines. And tonight I want to talk about one of these crystal clear directions and disciplines. We call it meditation. Where Jesus said to “Go into your closet and close the door and wish your prayer in secret to your heavenly father, and your Heavenly Father who sees and hears in secret will then reward you will openly.”

The Basics of Meditation

How To Get Still

Can you shut off the five physical senses. Can you quiet down the clamoring of the subconscious? Can you really reach a center of peace within your being? That condition where you just whisper a little. And your Father, listening in secret and hearing in secret, rewards you openly? Can you overcome the many and innumerable distractions that harass, haunt and vex the human personality, body, and the mind? If you can I would say that you could pray adequately. This is the kind of prayer that always gets answers.

It gets answers because there isn’t much here that is needed to be asked for. Very little. You just whisper a little. That’s the first step in this system: Get peace. Overcome distraction. Quiet the temples, quiet the pulsations in the neck. Quiet the blood down until it flows very slowly. Quiet the breath down to the point where it’s hard to discern. Quiet everything down and then take the next step.

Select a Subject

The subject in this meditation is the one who delivered the Sermon on the mount: Jesus himself. As he is in history and as he is now. And also as he is in God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Select Him as the center on which everything is going to be organized and Him. Jesus said if you’ve seen me you said you’ve seen the Father. Make Him your subject. And after you have selected Him, repent to it. Turn away from the world that is going to be tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and turn to Him and repent.


Now you aid the Spirit in cleansing the imagination. It really isn’t but one enemy in us, and that is the imagination of our hearts. And yet that is the most supreme enemy. I would say that is the collective enemy. And if purified there isn’t anything higher and finer than the imagination.

It is the faculty by which we form our image God. It is the faculty by which we see the image of God in the faces of passing men and women and children: the imagination. It is the faculty by which we can pray visually and bring the thing we’re praying for down into focus…make it gel for us. Yet it is in the imagination where all our secret sins are hidden. And it is by the purging of the subconscious and the unconscious mind of these secret sins that the imagination will no longer conjure them up and find pleasure and gratification in exercising them. We’re talking about confessing our secret sins.

Don’t pay so much attention to the outer sins at this time, but confess the secret sins. It isn’t what goes in your mouth that defiles you. It’s what comes out. And all this defiling stuff is down there in the subconscious and unconscious and it comes up and is exercised through the imagination and the body and personality. The creature receives pleasure and gratification vicariously. Vicarious gratification is as bad and worse as actually committing the sin.

A Man in prison (he was a homicidal maniac) told me that for a long time he satisfied himself by getting himself on juries. He would get himself appointed to juries especially when there was a murder case being tried. And he received secret gratification out of voting for the death penalty. And he said on one occasion. There were 11 votes for acquittal, and he said he held out until he won all the others over for the death penalty. If we have cowardice, we could use the imagination to get revenge on those who hurt us. If we are overwhelmed with passions and we’re Christian and we can’t afford to expose our reputations by entering into sins outwardly, the same thing can be done in the imagination.

But Jesus says:

“They say of old time you should not do it openly, but I say to you if you look upon a woman to lust after her secretly in your imagination you’ve committed adultery already.”

And he said:

“They say of old time. That you shouldn’t murder anyone but I’d say to you that if you imagine that you killed off your enemy you’ve already committed murder in your heart.”

Now I think you’re beginning to see that we’re dealing with subtleties of Lucifer. And that being a Christian is a whole lot more than going through the motions. There is a great barn we have to clean in our imaginations. We can go through the motions from the cradle to the grave as a dignified way of escaping from the responsibility of letting the subconscious and the unconscious be purged, the imagination cleaned. And so confession is not kneeling down and confessing to some little thing that you did on the outside. It’s far more than that. It’s getting down to those areas of self gratification and sell preoccupation, vanity, and pride, and ego, and all those things which drive us here in our lives. It’s getting down underneath the surface into all these things and confessing them out. Admitting. Saying “Jesus, here is something over which I have no control. I need your power. I need the power of your Spirit to reach down, way down into the subconscious the unconscious and get this stuff all out. Pluck it out by the roots and throw it out.

I want to say that is my firm belief that these secret sins, inherent in human nature and exercised through the imagination, can be purged only through confession and by means of the power of The Holy Spirit.

The Power of Communion

That communion rail is a very good place for us tonight. I don’t know much about it as a ritual but I know a great deal about it as a reality.

I heard Rufus Mosley say once that for years communion meant absolutely nothing to him. And then he said the reality of it struck him. And he said that he looked at the table where the elements where. And there was an unearthly light all over the elements. And he said then they gave him the little cup of grape juice and he looked at it and was glowing, radiant. And he said he held the bread in his hand and it was glowing. It was the first time he’d ever found any reality in it. Prior to that he always said in the back of his mind “It’s just crackers. It’s just some grape juice.”. Take your time at communion. You can take alot of time in a moment to go deeply into it.

Take Your Time

Stanley Jones said that when he spoke on the radio, the thing that they radio people were interested in was not his message but that he stopped right on the dot of his allotted time. They were not interested in content they were interested in his ability to stop on the dot. And then he he said that when he was at this big international church conference that 5000 people were served communion in three minutes. We’ve gotten to that “we must get it done fast” mentality in our society. Well those three minutes would have been enough if you could have gotten into the heart of the reality of it. I want you to get into the heart of it tonight.

After confession, forgive. If there be anyone against whom you have all. If your wife is upset and you are the cause, forgive. Or even if you’re not the cause, forgive anyway. Forgive and then you’re ready for meditation. And meditation is simply turning Jesus over and your body just like he’s a great big diamond. Turning over and over and over and over in your mind. Look at him from every facet: His character, personality, His teaching. His great statements. I am the way the truth and the life. I am the good shepherd.

Meditate and reflect upon those great things spend plenty of time at it. It’s a very joyous thing. And if you do this correctly and adequately and successfully, something will happen to you. You will find that you’ve been thinking about Jesus now. And now you’ve come into the next stage which is contemplation. And this is given to you as a gift. There is a click which takes place in your consciousness. You shift right out of meditation upon Jesus and He begins to meditate upon you.

You shift right out of trying to find instructions through meditation by turning Him over in your mind and you discover that your mind is no longer thinking, it’s being thought through. And this is contemplation. And the revelations flow and flow and flow. And nine times out of ten these revelations will be for you or someone very near and dear to you. Maybe revelations about someone who is in need of healing. Some kind of healing. Someone who is in danger. Some dear one who may be quivering on the very brink of some moral disaster of some kind. It might be a revelation about that. Might be a revelation about about your child. What to do. It might be an answer to all these questions that you that you ask believers. Coming to you direct from the source. From him who really does have the answer. And that is a very joyous almost ecstatic experience. That’s the power…and the light comes.

Power In Meditation

You can’t see that you can’t see the channels that bringing that light through. They all come from the same powerhouse but the channels are hidden. The same power that runs these lights here runs this microphone. Whatever it is you need comes through the appropriate channel. It’s just like in your home. If you want heat you plug in or turn on the electric heater and the power comes through it and gives you heat. The same power used differently can do something else.

If you want to vacuum a rug, you would take your vacuum cleaner and plug it in at the same power source as your heater, and the same hidden wires run power to the vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t turn on the heater, it now turns on the vacuum. And if you want ice cubes all you do is to plug in the refrigerator. And the same power coming through the same hidden wires pulls the power down and you get ice. If you want pictures you can turn on the television. It’s the same power used differently. And if you want music you turn on the radio and the same power coming down through the wires will run your radio. That is the way it is in meditation.

You finally become nothing. Just hidden in Christ like those wires and the power begins to flow down and manifesting in many different ways according to your needs. According to your suffering. And when you go to communion tonight you’ll just be a little wire. You’ll be hid in Christ. You will kneel down and the elements will be there. They are material elements but they are symbolic of great realities.

They are symbolic of all the power there is in the universe. And if you’re in the right mode, if you’re in the right consciousness, if you have confessed out onto the best of your ability. All these secret things that you have surrendered. completely to Christ. And you receive those elements and you hold that bread, then you will have a revelation. What that flesh, the Flesh of Jesus really means. What that blood really means.

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