Series: Minnesota Koronis CFO 1986

Messages spoken at the Minnesota Koronis CFO 1986.

Love is what should drive our lives. Learn how in this message from Wayne West.

In this message from the 1986 Minnesota Koronis CFO, Tommy Tyson teaches how to live in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

Learn how we can trust God to be faithful.

Tommy Tyson speaks on how to live in the Kingdom of God now, in this life.

See how God accepts you just as you are in this message from the 1986 Minnesota Koronis CFO.

Hear about what God has done through the Camps Farthest Out in the Andes.

Wayne West teaches how God sees ahead and provides for our every need in every situation of life.

Learn how God can heal in unexpected ways in this message by Wayne West.

Wayne West speaks on how to keep the dreams God has given you alive in your life.

Wayne West speaks about God’s purpose of the Camps Farthest Out.